Humiliated, abused, raped. Athletes this torment had to recite yesterday in detail. Your lawyer, your club boss, your Union boss, to the court, the defender of the accused, journalists, and the Public. In tears, with the sequence of events in the mind’s eye all over again for the world to understand out there what happened, and accept can be classified, finally the truth, understands and acts. The rule of law calls for the second exposure, this time not only in front of the eyes of the perpetrator. Who would not be ashamed, who would have no fear of who would want to expose back the pain?

the least Likely to have the strength to do so. There are so many more cases of sexual violence in Sport, as it will make the processes of the recent past, to believe? The convictions in the art of the United States, the allegations in the sport of skiing, the Austrians, the start of Negotiations last Wednesday in the case of German canoeists gymnastics inside. A casual remark on the problem in the circle leads to a clear misuse of test days in the swimming training of children. The sparse clothing, the plausible physical contact as a guide, this is clear to all that facilitated the Assault in the turn of an hour of the village Association.

For years, the German sports youth is trying to draw attention to the rules of conduct impose to protect children. The acts. But it doesn’t change the dangerous constellations in top-level sport. It is organised in a strictly hierarchical, not only in the support companies of the Bundeswehr. The decision of the in the double meaning of superiors (as a coach) about nominations, transfers, start-up law favors the emergence and development of the relationships of Dependence that do not lead rare in very personal relationships. At present, the action of young referees on the relationship of sexual services, and promotions. Or the disgusting description of a “service meeting” of the heads with a cross-country runner “in the Sauna”.