Comment on the coalition agreement: Why the Alliance works


    “It is us only content and not to us as persons.” Like a monstrance, the figurehead of the Green party, Tarek Al-Wazir, this set forth carries on for months before the party. It has actually housed in the coalition agreement with the CDU, much of what was in their election program. The country want to change the Green now, in a way, as more than eighty percent of the voters as evidenced by the election result, or only to a very limited extent desired.

    But the Greens will make the claim that it is always the thing in the center of your actions, in your personnel policy? Two additional ministries they have negotiated. And who gets them? The two party leaders. In this decision, the content of the qualification has played a role, is not in the case of the Department of science and art, at least not readily apparent. Angela Dorn has made these fields so far, no acquaintance – apart from the fact that they once studied in Marburg psychology. In the Parliament she worked previously with the environmental policy. The Committee for science and art, the mandrel is not a part of.


    for Sure: In some homes, the incumbent, in spite of deficiencies with regard to content, at least for a while to a prudent, goal-oriented and political control in the situation. But this requires management and government experience. Also, this lack of competences of the thirty-six-year-old. Responsibility wait the full duties on them. Just one example: The higher education Pact, they are responsible for, includes a volume of the order of nine billion euros. The party Congress of the Greens of the personnel agreed to this weekend, without anyone having asked for a justification. It was clear to us all. Power goes before competence. Thus, the Hessian Greens blend seamlessly into the pattern of the party-state, as they exist in the Republic for decades.

    The party has missed with the occupation of the departments of science and art a great opportunity. The President of a University, a Director or other culture, of rank as a Minister – that would have been a real Coup. The Green had fulfilled their claim to be different than the other parties. You however, are not nearly. That’s exactly why the Alliance with the CDU will continue to work.