bomb explosions in Northern Ireland since 20 years in the past, it was thought, at least. Now it is happening again. And the sequence of Explosion after a telephone warning – sounds suspiciously familiar to a suspect. That says nothing about who is behind the fact, at the time, fortunately no one was hurt.

What you can certainly say: The Explosion rocked a country that is already divided for many years. After all, it is since the day of the Brexit referendum in the year 2016, that is a great danger for the peace in Northern Ireland, the threat, if between the two Parts of Ireland a “hard” external border of the EU. A connection between the whole of the United Kingdom-rending debate about the way out of the EU and the attack in the North of Ireland is, therefore, obvious, but of course not proven. All relevant political forces in Northern Ireland have condemned the act immediately sharp. This shows at least that a relapse can be avoided in the old orders of Battle, hopefully. Extremists are on all sides, for political reason, is unfortunately, not of Northern Ireland, limited fact.

The British policy, the Explosion should understand, regardless of authors and their motives, as a serious warning. The consequences of Brexit referendum intensified political polarisation threatens now in open hostility between the two Camps to degenerate. This political poison has already claimed during the election campaign prior to the referendum, one of the victims, a member of Parliament, who had entered for the whereabouts of the country in the EU. One wonders what actually needs to happen before all the Parties to the Brexit-identify dispute, on what a dangerous road you go.