Rather an end with horror than a horror without end. The American auto giant General Motors thought, when he decided almost two years ago, the separation of its chronically loss-making European business to the German brand Opel. Of the competitors, Ford has not followed this example so far.

It plagues him similar Concerns as before GM. Here and there, although there have been gains, but as the Director of European operations Steven Armstrong is now in a conservation inventory of loose said, was Ford’s profitability in the Region never really satisfactory.

Apparently, Ford has pulled a retreat from the market into consideration. But now the Americans want to stay, and a rehabilitation program have a better starting position.

There are also good reasons not to surrender. One of them is the business with light commercial vehicles, making Ford in Europe, a lot of joy and to be strengthened through an Alliance with the Volkswagen group.

But also the whereabouts in the market will have a high price because Ford considers deep cuts necessary, in order to have a Chance to be here in the long run profitable. Even if there are still little Details, it should be clear that on the European workforce, Ford’s difficult times.