The sound between Saudi Arabia and the United States is sharper. As a result of two resolutions of the Senate has forbidden the Riad is now a interference in its “internal Affairs” – as if a war or the assassination of a dissident in a third state would be an “internal matter”. For decades, the United States and Saudi Arabia combines an interest-based Alliance. Saudi Arabia is in much of Washington, depending on, whether it be weapons, whether the nuclear program. The common base is now narrower.

The alienation is increasing on both sides. So Saudi Arabia has not agreed in the United Nations a U.S. request to condemn Hamas as a terrorist group; in addition, Saudi Arabia is cooperating not only in oil politics, with Russia. The ruling family operates a Precaution for the case that the alienation with America progresses further. The guide have in mind an Arab military Alliance, under Saudi Arabian leadership. The war in Yemen is to be a trial balloon.