How many of the in the law the form of molded environmental objectives in the international category of “Fake” fall, can only be guessed at. A Nuisance is every single one of these worthless texts from all. Enter to rules, where every rule and every lofty goal falls into the deep black hole of reality.

those Who like the German, by the way, of whatever political Complexion, to get carried away again and again Dream, let him, his country seem like a Paradise, where the forest and the nature, richer, cleaner, quieter and the heart is more than anywhere else, can expect from the lawmakers a lot – just not clear edge. No, we are not now in the Diesel and not the fine dust. Much sadder than in the air, the law on state of emergency is in our oceans. 727 marine protected areas is one of Europe. Where somewhere in the world, Minister for the Expansion of species protection and nature conservation meeting, which happens every year, multiple times, to boast of the Europeans for their unprecedented network of marine reserves. And it’s true: About a third of the European, and even 45 percent of Germany’s marine waters are designated as protected areas.

Lower species diversity in reserves

This reads well and looks good on the card also. But of course there is no such thing as a prohibition in the sea. How should it be controlled (a prankster, who now thinks of Diesel-driving bans)? But what happens to areas within the protection, to serve the law with a primary focus on the preservation of biodiversity – also the fishing, which is permitted within limits. A German-canadian Team of fisheries biologists has seen now, however, the ship-tracking data of all large fish trawlers, which are collected automatically, and for the journal “Science” evaluated. To the network, only the Brussels paper tiger are gone, of course. Sixty per cent of all EU-protected areas be fished with the most questionable bottom trawls, in many cases even significantly more intense than outside the protected areas. In other words: The protection of territory cards, read write the fishing industry, apparently, as an invitation.

spared Less than three hundred of the more than seven hundred reserves from the commercial fisheries. What has logically to follow that the diversity of fishing on threatened Cartilage, including rare sharks and rays, in the “scale” of protection areas is even lower – by up to 69 percent lower – than in the actual fishing areas. Species protection as a misnomer, we’re used to; the Japanese whaling “for research purposes”, to 2019 new revival, the best example of this. Laws for the protection of creation but who expose themselves so shamelessly, finally protected from themselves.