Housing is a basic need, is so important that you should not leave it to the market – this seems to be the Maxim in large Parts of the Berlin policy. The red-red-green government is busy anyway, with plans to expropriate private housing companies, to get (back) into the ownership of apartments, which would rent cheap. That the compensation should be as large as possible below the market value, of course.

As flashy the recent proposal of three sounds, at least locally, a prominent SPD officials, to lids for all the apartments in the Berlin city centre the Rent, as at 6 to 7 euros per square meter. Such ideas are an expression of a fundamental rejection of market economic solutions to alleviate the housing shortage. Here, private investors are Queuing up to build in Berlin, where it is especially lots of derelict spaces.

Instead of rapidly building land politicians to be shown to do Berlin’s regional all that to mess with lenders and landlords, and to repel. To be used again in Berlin as in the GDR? Has forgotten the formerly divided capital, which ruins has left the property hostile to socialism?