“after all, we live in a legal state, and not in a banana Republic.” The and the like, is to hear when in a discussion, the arguments run out. The judiciary should always back more often just what is politically at an impasse. The consequences of Migration, and of the failings of the transport policy are currently the most striking examples.

to tabs That the courts and the prosecution work in Germany, to work, dammit, is all the occasional criticism of the allegedly slow and judges a widespread Belief. What is needed to create this as a matter of course perceived the Foundation of a democratic, free society, and to preserve, is rarely considered. The third power has no word strong Lobby.

the judge and the prosecutors working in the administrative jurisdiction, to or beyond the load limit, give a representative now to be considered in the state of Hesse. Therefore significantly more would need to be created. Now is an individual, such as someone approaching difficult tasks and when he feels overwhelmed. There is a consensus but in the meantime, in the case of the political leaders to invest across the Republic, that it is right and important, increasingly in the justice system.

search and find

Not only because it belongs to the essence of an enlightened society, the right to search for and find. But mainly because the trust in an independent body in a world, to get into the lot from the Lot threatens, is essential for cohesion. Don’t forget that an effective judiciary is becoming an increasingly important location factor.

The concept of justice must be understood, therefore, stronger on the inside. Only a strong third power that feels valued, can confidently speak right. Also in the state of Hesse was made years ago the mistakes, the police and the judiciary to be included in a General savings programs, according to the currency, all social tasks were also treated fiscally. This led to a legal spaces. Streets, squares and in the minds of those in the months and years to a judgment waited.