Shortly after the completion of the merger of Kaufhof and Karstadt, the findings of the chief renovators Stephan Fanderl harsh: During the previously under his direction converted Department store group Karstadt day-to-day business, profits, survival is the counterpart of Kaufhof, the loss of Empire, and hardly capable of. The tradition of the house in Cologne disappointed recently with his revenue-loss for Christmas, and must, in the future, trade-oriented online springs.

the unprofitable part of the freshly-formed German Department store AG has to bear the lion’s share of the remediation burden, is understandable. Of the up to 2600 Points, which is suspended in the new group, with its 30,000 employees, 1600 affected in the case of the Galeria Kaufhof group. The rest of the 1000 jobs in the Central areas of both companies.

difficult to understand the decision to transform in addition to the Karstadt Headquarters in Essen and Cologne in a second place of business. After all, supposed to transform the self-owned residence of Kaufhof in a “centre of competence” for digitisation and online trading. Renovators Fanderl has bought with the compromise, at least in time. The expensive distribution of tasks, it is to be expected, given the high cost pressure on the group.