Who has sold in the past few weeks, with a view to forthcoming threat of a total driving ban in Frankfurt will be a diesel car at a low price, will annoy. The Hessian administrative court of justice has left a lot of air from the judgment that would have brought commuters to the capital of Germany, in a joint venture situation. Even if the dictum from Kassel is only preliminary, it suggests, however, the direction of a final decision: Only individual roads, which is not equal to all parts of the city, may be locked to reduce the load of nitrogen oxides.

The call for proportionality is in line with the Judge for Mainz and the comparison of Darmstadt. You could call it a victory for common sense, if the correct conclusions are drawn. The responsible in the ministries and town halls can also, therefore, difficult to counter fundamentalist arguments in the debate about the Diesel, because you look with a bad Conscience on the duration of congestion, have you transported with your delaying transport policy.

create The shift in Traffic

The Frankfurt case, and offers a pause for thought, which the court granted, now as an example, to prove that you can create the shift in Traffic, so you want to you actually. The Republic looks at the city. Shown by the frightened reactions in politics and the automotive industry, as it was three months ago, a large part of the urban area should be locked.

in Order to move something, you need to clarify the Federal government, the Länder and the local authorities, how they can work together effectively. To demand at various peaks nominally a lot of money and not enough promise. Projects, such as the lame E-mobility, advanced authorization procedures are streamlined and purified, to the public transport network significantly faster to advance and to make it attractive for connecting passengers.