“used to be more Tinsel.” Of course, Loriot’s grandpa Hoppenstedt was right. Earlier it was not only more Tinsel, it was Tinsel. And it was better, because lead is heavy Tinsel. Is now banned because of the unhealthy and bad for the environment. We make the Unhealthy under the loose up by cabinets like crazy in a cool cellar fill.

73 years after the last war in this country, the people’s hamsters, as the Christ child, but the Apocalypse would not be in front of the door. This time, perhaps even a bit of a lunatic than usual: finally falls, oh, Christmas eve is on a Monday. No Chance to procure the day before, all the food and prepare to Survive for two and a half days in the city are essential.

Before they expire now in a panic: first, there is, for instance, at the main railway station and the airport quite stores that are even open on holidays. And secondly, it is possible to today ordered goods in the case of bakers and butchers on the fourth Sunday of advent collect. Nevertheless, you can see for days in the relevant gourmet boutiques in long queues in front of the fish and Confectionery shops – and these snakes are mostly male.

When an Amateur professional chefs

Because in the past was, perhaps, more Tinsel, there are now more Amateur cooks can develop without the Crème double and Monkfish no Christmas feelings. Even in the case of the German-preferred food suppliers, the super cheap discount stores, in this year of real caviar and raw milk cheese in the refrigerated section.