Comment for weld-on: What about the Tome?


    books to read are, not is obvious and, unfortunately, a book to get through the read without prejudice: Once from front to back alphabetically, and the book crooked is back, maybe even, in the case of pocket books, folded and who folded the book in between up lay down, a reading break, you will find the place even after weeks. Who gives a book, you have to expect everything from the Nutella trail up to Marking, as they are passionate readers, well, of course. On the other hand but many think the book purchase is not to the read, but to the Gift and welcome, therefore, the self-reader rather annoying plastic slides, in the bound books of their manufacturers welded.

    Finally, the fact that you can give away printed books better than E-Books, an often-stated advantage of this form of Publication, you do not want to give by bent pages or torn covers from the Hand.

    Now, agreed, the European Parliament and representatives of the member States on Wednesday on a ban for various disposable products made of plastic, and the day before yesterday morning, the Hanser Verlag announced to follow the example of other publishers and will not, in future releases, more welding, – “only high-priced volumes, with special equipment should continue to be foiled”, those books so that you give to others rather than for himself acquires.

    No doubt, the days when the seas and have even more joyful “plastique” to “fantastique” or “magic trick” was rhyming (Nena, 1983), are over, at least since the plastic remains of the turtle and whale stomachs, and the food chain, our own reached.