linked to How much Donald Trump is a successful presidency with the development of the share prices on Wall Street, is already known for a long time. On 6. Of November in the year 2012, as he was not yet in the election campaign and in office, he wrote on the short message service Twitter with a sentence that leaves no clarity: “If the Dow drops 1000 points in two days, should be removed from office, the President immediately of the office.”

Now, Trump guides for nearly two years, the fate of the largest economy in the world, and the largest part of this time were investors weighed. The courses and Trump the Public to read rose regularly, know, at whom the sun: to him. But since a few weeks, a different mood prevails in the stock market and the rate development goes in a completely different direction. Since the beginning of December, the Dow Jones fell by more than 4000 points, on Christmas eve, broke through the much acclaimed American leading index, even the brand of 22,000 meters down. Since the beginning of the year, the Dow Jones is up 12 percent, the broader S&P 500 in approximately the same order of magnitude – a very bad year for equity investors.

The President interrupted the celebrations because of this, its Christmas, and sent a Amour message through the network, in which he made it clear, who is from his point of view on the mess debt: the Central bankers at the Federal Reserve in Washington. Trump didn’t stop it, only to find the recent increase in interest rates last Wednesday (and the previously-established) bad.

He expanded his criticism and asked the custodians to Jerome Powell, to have “no sense” for the markets, and to understand not simply why he’s waging a “trade war” and what are the consequences of have a “strong Dollar”. That is, even for the Trumps conditions, a strong choice of words, and it is also clear that Any other President would have led to a different development than the three percent price reduction for the Christmas trading – and so have investors and the Public become used to the clear text of this man in the White house.

Trump certainly has a point: Continued increases in interest rates have, at some point in the development of the share prices, because, as a result, interest-bearing securities that can be reallocate more attractive in comparison to company shares and those investors who can choose between the two, then more inclined. Outside of trump’s comments, you discuss the financial houses on Wall Street for a while, is whether this interest rate level is already achieved.

nevertheless, the criticism of the President is failing to recognise the targets adopted by the legislature for the powerful and independent Central bankers. You should have taken care of in the medium term, stable prices and high employment – and not primarily to rising share prices. Has always been the guardian of the currency, also analyze the conditions in the financial markets, price developments, credit conditions and equity base, particularly the major banks. You know that the retirement savings of many Americans depends more on the stock market development than in many other countries. More than the share price development of the Central banker, however, currently, the debt of American companies, such as the Central Bank President Powell explained recently, so the question of whether every group meet its liabilities on time or at least “roll-over” to acceptable conditions.

the targets for the Central Bank in turn belongs to the support of the trade policy of the government – even if it is obvious, that Trump may just need in the confrontation with the emerging China has a robust domestic economy development in the back. Finally, the President has contributed with its own measures, the Central bankers raise interest rates this year courageously. Due to its high rate of new debt-financed tax cuts, he of the American economy has given an additional boost in a Situation in which she was already in a very extraordinary Constitution, and significantly recovered from the effects of the 2008 escalation of the financial crisis. A Central Bank is, in this respect, a very mechanical, data-driven Institution: to Grow the economy even faster, it will increase the interest even more.