what is million amount, exactly, you can not lump tell. But when it comes to money the friendship ceases, and the dispute between the state of Hesse and the city of Frankfurt holds, obviously, even after the judgment of the state court to the municipal financial equalisation system. The municipality could speak of luck that the judge would not have conceded the metropolis award, said Finance Minister Thomas Schäfer (CDU).

in fact, the state court emphasized since a long time, as important to him in terms of financial resources of the municipalities, the actual need is. The Frankfurt can’t prove but. Of the many Commuters of the Frankfurt mayor and Treasurer Uwe Becker (CDU) said at the hearing. They required a high level of investment in an extremely strained infrastructure. And he recalled that the country had prompted the city to invest more in their security.

Kassel in the back of the head?

But the really unique characteristics that make up a metropolis? The President of the court of justice, Roman Poseck, asked with a fine Smile, whether you’ve been thinking over the course of the legislative process, too, to grant Kassel such an award, “because of the importance for Northern Hesse”. And in its judgment, the state considers court “finding that a special need of the applicant because of their metropolis, left position, i.e., their specific Tasks in design, from the the legislature, this data is not mapped”.

The sequence of many such notes in oral and written Form was to be expected that the state court would explain to the metropolis award is unjustified. That it came to this, is the large “assessment and prognosis game room”, the judges give the legislature against the Background of the case-law.