Mockery of confusing speech – comedian Boris Johnson’s Corona is a parody of speech, deceptively real, the comedian Matt Lucas imitates the British Prime Minister. The target of his ridicule his speech on the easing of the Corona restrictions.4 Kommentare4Wurde about five million Times clicked: The parody of the comedian Matt Lucas.Video: Twitter/AP

The comedian Matt Lucas in a Video on Twitter about the British Prime Minister, funny. The occasion of a television speech Johnson’s last Sunday was the planned Corona-locker.

The Prime Minister was in fact contradictory codes of Behavior and confused a lot of British. From his speech, did not indicate exactly who is affected all of the planned relaxations and how citizens should behave.

In the speech, Johnson said that those who could not work from home – would construction, for example, or factory workers, “actively encouraged” to go to work. He added, however, that you should avoid public transport as much as possible.

Matt Lucas’s TV series “Little Britain” and the movie “Bridesmaids” is known. His Johnson-Imitation has been viewed over five million Times on Twitter.

In the Video, he drove Johnson’s contradictions on the top: “So we say: do not Go to work. Do not take public transport, go to work. Do not go to work!”

more Serious criticism comes from the leader of the opposition, Keir Starmer. Compared to the television channel Sky, he said, the message of “Be careful” was not clear enough. “There are more questions than answers in
the statements of the Prime Minister.”


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