Axel makes recently two days, the Home Office and a very tired impression. The time he has with the Commute from A to B to the office, saved, wasted, he Talking about this now. In terms of justification, rhetoric, Axel is well-versed in now. Because the dear fellow had drives adventurous ideas of what Axel on these work days.

Ursula Kals

editor in the business, responsible for “youth writes”.

F. A. Z.

Because the strangest Head-run movies, starting at images of the secluded third Breakfast in the schlumel look at the coffee table, about mittägliches golfing at a cheaper place rent to the afternoon beer garden and coffee house visit extend, with which the pampered Home-Office-guy gently sailing in the evening, and, strictly speaking, right after the morning coffee has begun. In the afternoon he has a rest then, almost from nothing.

Axel is sensitive and has also turned on its head to the cinema, and in a kind of anticipatory obedience to all of the Home-Office clichés played out. So rödelt and rödelt, and he rödelt, not just round-the-clock, but at the latest at 8 o’clock he sent his first Alibi-Mail as a Signal that he is in the service. At noon, he was spooning soup over the keyboard of a Box. Only in very rare cases, he does not dare to heat up the leftovers from the weekend soon, but without the Mail-to keep an eye on. Just in time for the celebration night the Laptop shut down, those days are gone in the own four walls.

To the washing machine? Axel won’t come out!

to have at the Beginning, he has not dared to do with the Smartphone once to the washing machine in the basement, out of fear, there is no reception. Bleaching he brings his first Home-Office-summer.

His critical colleagues Axel’s looked pathetic Performance for a long time and draw the good performance support, with its 120-percent-attitude, especially with a disreputable home story: Axel, a Smartphone user took to get there, where even the Emperor to walk up eight. Nevertheless, he took a conversation with B., urgent transactions, keeping track, first of all totschweigend. As the sound was liquid, indicated B. immediately: job the silent Village. Embarrassing, but, ultimately, the commode Story was a relief for Axel’s Image: man, the guy produced something ‘ – always and everywhere.