There are makers that flourish when order waves wash over you, and the Christmas is buzzing at night business. You feel blessed, intoxicated and alive. The hectic times, teasing little you get; if something goes wrong, can you think of a solution.

Ursula Kals

editor in the business, responsible for “youth writes”.

F. A. Z.

And there are circumstance krämer, procrastinators, doubters and terribly complicated people. You approach the tasks with Care, you will have to first establish the environment, you can explore all the possible and impossible pitfalls and come to nothing. These colleagues have the slowness – spiteful, one might speak of lameness – raised to its working principle. Among entrepreneurs they are never, or only temporarily until the bankruptcy. With urgent duties, they do naturally is difficult. Where is the calculation? When will be delivered? On what date we set for us?

questions, questions, übergrün southern procrastinator most of the answers. Their hurry-with-while-earnings-always-open-attitude, you hide with to be one by holding the password, the vague reference, “to think ahead very far”. In their diffusing thoughts you have detected the Problem, not banned, but are in an intense process of it in its depth of penetration. In this complex process, you want to be annoying to the practitioners to not be disturbed. Results? What a profane aspect! The path is the goal, and this is not achieved today, tomorrow and the day after but also. “There is nothing Good except You do it”, this Erich-Kästner-on-exhortation you have already often ge – and ignored.

Wise alpha wolfes do not ignore this unfinished way of working and to take the theorist into the pliers of the process chain: with clear instructions and little tasks that have you to forward in a timely manner. Heavy mental food to chew through, the lunch break as a pause for thought. Meal!