On the last working day of the year to stand at D. in the company of always the so-called Scrap secret Santa. The group met for gingerbread and coffee, and everyone brought an object from home, he wanted to get rid of. Only requirement: It should be something as Nasty, but attractively packaged as a gift. Then it was rolled to the gifts.

Nadine Bös

editor in the business, responsible for the “profession and Chance”.

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What was not been given away in previous years, but it all: dime novels, sweet wines, tinny from the Band singing Santa Claus figures – that is, not knowing how he should overcome this. Since the idea of This weird, colorful flower vase, you had to come home to him, he had already sorting out several times already! His wife was somehow on the piece, but he found her, well, butt-ugly.

D. convinced his wife to give the Vase to the Office secret Santa, he didn’t mention the small Details in and around scrap metal and nastiness studiously. Unfortunately, he forgot, Santa’s helper’s gift for the colleagues to go shopping, whether or not perhaps this Vase …? And whether his wife might still be in the Pack?


Triumphantly marched D. for work the next Morning. He could only win! Whether dime novel or sweet wine would always pull it, it would be easy to the mother-in-law assignable. Everything in the direction of the Santa Claus figure he would pass on to his children.