Column Milo Rau – Hyper-sensitive and yet ignorantOb our cell phones and T-Shirts in defiance of human rights has been produced, it is no matter – to see as long as on the labels of these the cheapest products no racist pictures. MeinungMilo Rau2 Kommentare2Längst due for revision: Besprayte Statue of king Leopold II in Brussels.Photo: Reuters

Why, I think sometimes, we are offended so quickly? In his last essay, “The uneasiness in culture” notes Sigmund Freud, that we are all the more vulnerable, the more civilized we are. At first, this sounds logical: Who is not familiar with violence, feel them, he it just yet, as outrageous, insulting injustice. The non-violent a society is, the easier it is for the individual member feels traumatized.

As a theater Director, I am constantly faced with this aggressive Hyper-sensitivity. Someone speaks explicitly about injustices or shown violence even open, then the respective venue must be paved with trigger warnings fully. The structural Problem of a so-mounted sensitivity is that it is based in truth, of course, the externalisation of real violence. So it is good for us, it has to go to other less well. Or psychologically expressed: The more sensitive we become, the more irrelevant we must be the Suffering of those who Fund us for our fine feelings.

The more enlightened a society is, the more unreflected the Foundation,
is on.

so Regardless of our cell phones, T-Shirts, or soy drinks are produced in the Global South, in defiance of all human rights – to see as long as on the labels of these the cheapest products no racist pictures. You could hold it almost as a rule: The more enlightened a society is, the more blind you is the Foundation on which. The Greeks despised women, and held slaves, at the same time they invented philosophy, democracy, and the modern image of man. Or Thomas Jefferson, the author of the American Declaration of independence, in which the sentence “All people are equal” is created: He was at the same time, slave holders and opponents of slavery.

The equestrian statue of the Belgian king Leopold II in Ostend, on the Atlantic coast, where I often make a holiday referred to him as “the Besieger of the Arab-slavery” in the Congo; the Base naked Black gathered stretch grateful your hands are. But the Emissionäre of the Belgian king, in truth, decide, as punishment, chopped off: the account of king Leopold’s 10 million Deaths, according to critical historians, in the course of the Congolese rubber boom at the end of the 19th century. Century.

we gave a year ago, the Belgian Minister of culture, a severed Hand of the still image seemed to be a whimsy of some of the Activists. In the last few weeks, the statues of king Leopold in Belgium spray-painted and have been overthrown a long-overdue revision of the past as a fashion of popular sports. It is to be hoped that he will not remain in the symbolic Shaming of some of the most contradictory and long – dead historical figures stuck. For the case of the statues would be just another Chapter of the aggressive Hyper-sensitivity of the West. King Leopold: The are, whether we like it or not, all of us.

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