KNOWN as a choreographer and actor. Columbus Short rose to prominence in the early 2000s.

Since 2016, he and his wife Aida Abramyan have been married.

Columbus Short’s spouse?

Columbus Short made public his engagement to Aida in August 2016. The couple tied the knot in December that year.

They share two children together

According to Aida’s LinkedIn account Aida earned her Bachelor of Arts in English Literature at the University of California in Los Angeles in 2008.

Since then, she has been working in the media.

Aida’s Insta profile includes photos of her with Columbus and their two sons.

Columbus Short was arrested?

In February 2022, Columbus Short was detained in relation to domestic violence.

According to reports, TMZ police arrived at the victim’s house to arrest him.

Columbus and his wife had a verbal dispute that eventually turned into something physical.


After posting a bond of $50,000, he spent around 12 hours in prison.

According to the outlet, there are no charges at this point.

“Marriages can be difficult, but it’s worth it! On Sunday, Columbus wrote via Tweet.

“I am not an abusive man or on drugs, but alcohol can make my words unholy at times. My wife and me are working together to improve our marriage.

Is Columbus Short married?

Columbus Short is the son of two ex-wives.

He was married to Brandi for an unknown time. However, they divorced in 2003.

They share a son.

He married Tanee McCall in 2005 and they have one daughter, Ayala.

McCall filed for divorce first in 2013 and again in 2014.

Columbus Short: Who are you?

Columbus Short was born September 19, 1982. He was raised both in Missouri, and California.

He started his career in youth theatre at a young age. He was able to bounce between several high schools, including Marza De Niza, El Segundo and the Orange County High School of the Arts.

He eventually quit school to go on the Stomp off-Broadway tour.

He was a dancer in You Got Served, a 2004 film.

He starred in Accepted with Justin Long, and he also appeared in Save the Last Dance 2: Stomp the Yard.

Trey was Columbus’s Disney Channel character, and he was also known as Columbus from Boyz n’ Motion’s That’s So Raven band.

The 39-year old worked as a choreographer for Britney’s’ Onyx Hotel tour.

Columbus resigned from Scandal after three seasons on ABC’s drama series.

Other notable Columbus performances include Armored, Cadillac Records, and The Losers.