Coluche: what did his famous ex-wife Véronique die at the age of 69?


She was one of the driving forces behind Restos du Coeur. Véronique Colucci, who was married to comedian Coluche from 1975 to 1981, was president of the association following the disappearance of her ex-husband. It was she, in 1989, who launched the first tour of Les Enfoirés alongside the famous singer Jean-Jacques Goldman who has since retired.

Very active, she fought for the Coluche project throughout her life. “Les Enfoirés are a constituent image for Restos. Michel at the time, or Jean-Jacques still today, these are two people who have the power to attract enough people to us. And look on stage: every year, they respond to his call”, she explained during an interview with DNA and added: “For restaurants, Coluche left us the tools that have allowed us to last until today. We have even developed action through integration. Because one meal a day helps, but not to get out of precariousness, exclusion, lack of professionalization, etc”.

The one who tried to honor the memory of Coluche died on the night of April 5 to 6, 2018 at the age of 69 following cancer. “She got involved at key times, in the role of president, when there were more blows to take than honors to receive. (…) Véronique, with her warm and dynamic personality, took pleasure in meeting on the ground in the centers all over France the volunteer teams and the people welcomed”, welcomed the association in a press release. A few months earlier, Véronique Colucci had been named an officer of the Legion of Honor for her commitment.