Colombia Takes Stand Against Israeli Offensive

BOGOTA: Colombian President Gustavo Petro made a significant announcement on Saturday, revealing that Colombia would be putting a halt to the exports of coal to Israel amidst the ongoing offensive on the Gaza Strip. The decision comes as a response to the escalating violence in the region, with the Palestinian news agency (WAFA) reporting that President Petro stated, “We will stop our coal exports to Israel until the massacre ends.”

This move by Colombia places them among the growing list of nations that are taking diplomatic action against Israel in light of the relentless aggression towards Gaza. Back in May, President Petro had already declared the severance of diplomatic ties with Israel, citing concerns over what he referred to as a government and prime minister showing a tendency towards genocide.

President Petro has been vocal in his criticism of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, going as far as to label him as a “perpetrator of genocide” in Gaza. In a further step, the Colombian president has also expressed a desire for his country to be included in South Africa’s lawsuit before the International Court of Justice, accusing Israel of committing genocide.

The decision made by Colombia reflects a growing global sentiment against the actions of Israel in the Gaza Strip, with countries around the world increasingly calling for accountability and an end to the violence.


Gustavo Petro is a Colombian politician who currently serves as the President of Colombia. He was born on April 19, 1960, in CiƩnaga de Oro, Colombia. Petro studied economics at the Universidad Externado de Colombia and later pursued a career in politics.

Petro has had a long and distinguished career in Colombian politics, previously serving as a senator and mayor of Bogota. He has been known for his progressive policies and outspoken advocacy for social justice and human rights.

Throughout his tenure as president, Petro has taken bold stances on various issues, including environmental protection, social welfare, and international relations. His recent decision to halt coal exports to Israel is just one example of his commitment to standing up against injustice and violence on the global stage.