Cold: 5 nudist tips for keeping warm in winter


“Getting rid of the social trappings of clothing”. This is one of the objectives of naturism, as Julien Claudè-Pénégry, spokesperson for the Association of Naturists of Paris and author of Voir la France Tout Nu (ed. Hachette Tourisme), a guide dedicated to discovery, tells us. of naturism.

In a previous article, this activist described the various activities practiced by naturists in winter, when the temperatures seem to prevent any pursuit of philosophy. This time, Planet asked him about nudists’ tricks for enduring the cold without covering the whole body.

“When the weather gets colder, we can imagine that this will lead to dressing more or turning on the heating more than necessary. This is not true: since we live permanently in nudity, the body regulates itself. We do not will not abuse the heating, even less in this period when the price of energy is soaring”, details Julien Claudè-Pénégry.

“If we need to cover ourselves fully, we will do it,” insists the spokesperson.

And for good reason ! Naturism is a real way of life that is not limited to not wearing clothes, far from it. According to the official definition, defined during a congress held in Cap d’Agde in 1974, naturism is “an art of living in harmony with nature, characterized by the practice of nudity in common, with the aim of respecting self, others, and the environment”.

Therefore, whether it is cold or hot does not change anything for the followers of this philosophy: “As it is an art of living, we do not forbid anything in naked version, and winter does not change anything if it does not is that it is a little colder”, concludes Julien Claudè-Pénégry.

In our slideshow below, discover 5 tips from the naturist activist to not be (too) cold in winter.