€1, €2, 10 cents… Coins often fill our wallets and are useful for paying for all our small purchases. But some models should be treasured, because they have great value! This is the case for some rare editions, or some foreign coins, objects that collectors love and which can sell for several times the value they indicate.

At all times, be on the lookout for what’s in your wallet!

Less well known, the coin with a hole is one of those items that enthusiasts snap up all over the world.

At the beginning of the century, some franc coins were pierced in their center. These are the “Lindauer cents”, named after their designer, Edmond-Émile Lindauer. The hole was drilled in the strike with a cookie cutter. We could thus gather several pieces by binding them with a string, for example. But this particular method of manufacture also represented a saving for the manufacturer, who gained a few precious millimeters of metal.

Many other countries have produced pierced parts as well. In France, however, these are quite rare, and correspond to the models that circulated during and after the First World War, since Lindauer centimes were minted between 1914 and 1946.

The rarest, and therefore the most expensive today, is the 10 centime percé, produced in only 3,972 copies. According to lefranc.net, you can make several hundred euros for it.

Then come the Lindauer 15 cent coins, with a print run of 1,641,016. The site Bourseducollectionneur.com estimates that they can be resold today for €80.

But the other parts are not left out. The oldest of them, made before 1940, can be worth up to 300€ if they are in perfect condition.

It’s time to dig through the relics of your parents or grandparents in search of these rare gems!