Coffee is one of the most consumed beverages on a daily basis. According to a study by Ifop/C10, more than 80% of French people drink an espresso, or a café au lait, at least once a day. 67% of them reveal preparing it by machine, with a capsule or a pod. However, according to a survey published in the magazine 60 million consumers, some brands of coffee machines contain products that are harmful to health.

51 types of coffee from major brands available in supermarkets were scrutinized by the study of 60 million consumers, published in the February 2023 issue. And the results are not reassuring.

The investigation showed that several coffee samples tested contained polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs). This substance is a toxic compound. Released naturally during the roasting of coffee beans, it has been observed in large quantities in certain products. The proximity of a road during the grain drying time could explain this abnormally high rate.

60 million consumers also highlighted the presence of acrylamide. Suspected of being carcinogenic, this compound must not exceed the threshold of 400 µg/kg in roasted coffee. Finally, the investigation revealed the presence of foreign bodies in some coffees: fragments of insects.

Discover in this slideshow the 8 coffee brands singled out by the survey of 60 million consumers.