Without carbon dioxide (CO2) in the air grew no Plant and the earth would be a snow ball. But if tomorrow, in Katowice, Poland the next conference on climate change begins, it will be because of our global industrial civilization blows already too much of it in the atmosphere. So will advise in Katowice more about how the 2015 in Paris, agreed climate target for the year 2050 – a capping global warming to well below two degrees above pre – industrial levels.

The prospects for that are bad to do, especially in times in which the United States and Brazil, people are ruled, the faith, the global warming of the climate, it’ll give you at all, have nothing to do with the activities of mankind. But it has. Statistically, every German citizen causes per year, the climate is the effective Equivalent of twelve tons of CO2 – significantly more than the permanently just yet low-carbon emissions of two tonnes. In this so-called carbon footprint of not only CO2, but also other gases, whose Greenhouse effect is converted to the corresponding amount of CO2 is included. About 85 percent of the global emissions originate from the combustion of Oil and Gas, the Rest of industry and agriculture.

the repentance, the confession

But what can I do as an Individual? The Internet knows a quick answer: “Voluntary compensation of the individual CO2-footprint” is the formula. The idea: By I be through a financial donation to projects for the production of renewable energy or reforestation of forests support for the CO2, I’ve caused by climate-damaging activities elsewhere saved. Providers that collect money from private individuals or companies and, hopefully, meaningful projects for climate protection insert, abound.

But before the repentance, the confession comes. To give me an Overview of my climate sins, I’ll find a CO2-calculator. There are some times a bit superficial, arg in detail, according to my habits of life questions. I opt for the German Federal environment Agency (www.uba.co2-rechner.de).

The calculator asks you a whole series of figures, if you know the, it helps with estimated values: As the heat in my house where the electricity comes from? What cars the family has, and how many miles we drive per year? How often do I get a Bicycle or public transport, and how many plane trips I take? How do I feed myself, and how my other consumption looks behavior? After ten minutes, and the rummaging of old energy bills, all the questions are answered, and the computer spits out my own CO2 footprint. The falls, as well as my real Shoe size, in the category XL: Around 16 tons of carbon dioxide therefore per year on my cap, significantly more than the German average.

Daily Steak is worse than a day-long showers

Why is that, my detailed breakdown of the CO2 balance: heating and electricity thanks to an efficient gas burner, and a green power provider with less than a ton, a comparatively low impact. Also, the share from my diet, with 2.3 tons of CO2 is only slightly above the average. He is interrogated with questions as to age, weight, and eating habits are relatively coarse. How much is the influence of the different options on the footprint, can be a bit of a Try quickly find out. By far the most influential factor meat turns out. Its production generates considerably more CO2 Equivalents than the vegetable food. A major share of this feed is made of soy, which is produced a huge demand for land, mostly in South America. Particularly harmful to the climate is beef, what with the high surface area of the beef fattening requirement, but especially the methane-to-do-containing gas emissions of ruminants. As a Vegan, I could save a year, almost a ton of CO2, in the case of meat-biased diet it would be almost a ton more. I consider myself cautiously optimistic as the “meat reducing” I am, but equally uncertain, as the significance of regional, seasonal and organic products on my shopping list.