Club Brugge presents a review of the “so-called Club and supporters, which some (sic) were, in the very centre of Madrid. That will happen after Wednesday, pictures emerged of the couple drunk in Bruges fans who wear a headscarf of some of the bedelaarsters tried to go down the beer get drunk without paying for it, or the beer troughs in the record that beggars were. In Spain, it is a shame, and also a blue-and-black-and distances itself explicitly. “There’s no place for it in our Club.”

to push these scenes took place at the Plaza Mayor in Madrid, spain, where a lot of supporters for the match, together troepten. They will show you how to be an in Bruges fan, the scarf of a bedelaarster will be deducted. One of the other men grabs a can of beer from a woman who was in the cans, the square and try to sell it. He refuses to pay for it, take a sip, and then put it back to the woman on the floor. This same man declares that afterwards, proud that he was “in the past twelve-and-half-litres of beer are drunk”.

In the movies, it is also a time to see how some of the fans of the beer in the cups, where the women beg for water. We will do well if he has a dollar bill, fifty euro, in the stops, but it then tells me to return. The bedelaarsters in Madrid, however, are known as aggressive women who are the tourists, however, difficult to dare to make it. However, the cropped images to bring out the fans in question are still in an unfavourable light.

to Impose (and prosecutors?) danger for the fans:

Club Brugge has a Thursday afternoon, announced that it launched an investigation, it is for the individuals concerned to be identified. They are risking “exclusion” – a impose. “The Club condemns this behavior, and explicitly distances itself from this so-called ” supporters”, says a statement posted on the website of Club Brugge. “This type of behaviour is a Clubsupporter to be unworthy, and for them, it is in line with our ethical code has no place in our Club.”

In Spain, they already put to shame. The images can be bright, are thinking of a similar event in 2016, when the PSV supporters are harassing with the coins was tossed to the bedelaarsters in the same Plaza Mayor. These images went around the world. It even went so far as the former Spanish prime minister Rajoy, his administration spoke out about the “sick behaviour” of their fans.

at the Beginning of this year, the public prosecutor’s office in Spain to a year in jail and a fine of 600 euros for each of the PSV-fans who are misbehaving, all have prison sentences of less than two years in Spain, however, will not be served on a first sentence. PSV responded with five stadionverboden to be given to the concerned fans around the world.

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