at About the same time as the perspraatje Philippe Clement bow, the post is yesterday about the case of Former. The captain of Club Brugge, after his red card against Real Madrid with the referee, something a little interesting to have said. It resulted in a report of a referee, and a study of the European football union on it. Today, Club Brugge, if any penalty is to know.

“if I do a suspension is fair, it would be found? Nay, it is so subjective, I do. I think there’s also hardly anything is said. If you compare it to other things that are a football field’s coming…” said Clement. “You want to have your best players not get rid of it. Ruud has been the engine of our society. Physically, but also verbally. His suspension would be a big loss. Spend the night, we don’t really, but we’ve already tried it in training today. A zipper would be able to move, but because of the injury to Balanta will have a problem in his position.”

the Is, after his exclusion in a Stadium, and anyway, suspended in front of the ” home against PSG on Tuesday. If an additional suspension is to a Club yet to see if it would appeal.

as For the move in Asia, worry, wait, Clement was still in the freshness of your Ti off. South Africa has trained and is in the middle, but that was yesterday, still some pain. “We will decide on Friday whether he can play,” said Clement. “Asia don’t seem to be our favorite trip. It was a good talk, team, together, with all the most mileage in the league was.”

you can Also wait for a Lenient haven for the return of Mitrovic, Ricca, and Balanta. They have to stay in the final stages of their rehabilitation. “About a week in may, we might have already recovered.”
More about the Website Creator, Philippe, Clement hopes to have good news about the Website Is, and warns us of Asia: “it is Not our favorite of the displacement so-called” Club Brugge-captain Website Creator must be responsible for the offensive language in the Champions League. Ruud Is missing ” home PSG, and after the red card: “the Exclusion was unjustified,” the Players, the coaches and the board of Club Brugge and greet the fans who have a tie to Real Madrid, celebrating it as a victory