Clotilde Courau: discover the most beautiful photos of her eldest daughter Vittoria


18 years ago, Prince Emmanuel-Philibert and his wife Clotilde Courau welcomed their first daughter Vittoria on December 28. A celebration that the couple did not fail to celebrate on social networks by revealing family memories, in December 2021.

“May all your dreams come true and may you always have the courage to follow them… happy 18 years my love”, published the head of the royal house of Italy, accompanying his sweet words with a series of photos . From her young years to her majority, father and daughter shared complicity and a good number of selfies and grimaces testifying to their close relationship.

As for her mother and famous actress, Clotilde Courau took advantage of the event to reveal the most beautiful childhood memories of her offspring. “The life that passes. The years at high speed. 18 years old already. One way or the other, as Bernanos says, we do not undergo the future, we do it”, she wrote on the social network. Later, the actress seen in Rebecca (on TF1) revealed Vittoria’s birthday party with her group of friends.

Now of age and independent, Vittoria de Savoie would be promised a bright future since the young heiress could succeed her father at the head of the Savoie house. After the abolition by his grandfather Victor-Emmanuel, son of the last king of Italy, of a law prohibiting women from accessing royal functions, as relayed by Gala. “It’s the greatest gift he could give me,” his granddaughter told The New York Times.

While waiting to be able to claim office, Vittoria de Savoie enjoys strong popularity on social networks. Followed by thousands of subscribers on Instagram, Luisa’s big sister reveals her taste for fashion, selfies and going out with friends. A 21st century princess that you can discover through her most beautiful photos in our slideshow.