Closing: disillusionment after six fat years


    After winning six years in a row on the German stock market investors in 2018 and suffered their first heavy losses. The benchmark index, the Dax lost more than 18 percent and brought the bloodiest year since the international financial crisis in 2008. On Friday, the shortened last trading day of the year, handed it to a Plus of 1.7 percent on 10.558 out of 9 points. A day earlier, the Dax had fallen to the lowest level in more than two years.

    It had started the year full of hope: On 23. February, the German leading index rose to the historical High of 13.596 points. But only two weeks later, the Index had collapsed already up to 12,000 points. Out of fear of rising interest rates in the United States, the investors pulled the rip cord.

    the signals of the relaxation in the trade war between the United States and China gave then in the spring, a temporary recovery. However, starting in mid-June, it went to the stock market further and further downhill. Too many dogs were ultimately of the hare’s death: The American-Chinese trade war intensified again. The economy showed signs of fatigue, especially in the engine of growth in the country of China. The more and more escalating Brexit, the sale is on the American technology stock exchange Nasdaq and, at times, also the Italian debt crisis has robbed investors of the last nerve.