Justice is actually, your balance in the Hand, or a sunflower? In other words: How green are the dishes to tick? The may ask, who is upset about the recent court-sanctioned driving bans in German cities. Environmental activists complain more often, not just felt – it is a pollutant in the air, equal to the whole climate change and its harmful consequences.

Hendrik Wieduwilt

editor of the economy in Berlin, is responsible for “law and taxes”.

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in the area of Climate action, the large law firm White & Case is one result of more than 1200 cases around the globe – with over 600 in the United States alone. Environmental groups have reported on the climate summit in Katowice pride in their achievements. In the Philippines a Commission of inquiry, who was for the super Typhoon Haiyan from five years ago responsible. May be the catastrophe of climate can be attributed to the relevant companies such as Shell, BP and RWE – as a human rights violation.

Recently, it has also caught the German Federal constitutional court: The Union of solar energy promotion Association Germany, the FEDERAL government and the other a constitutional complaint in Karlsruhe, Germany, submitted. Among the plaintiffs (for his charity) well-known actor, Hannes Jaenicke. “Nonsense”, called a constitutional lawyer on the lawsuit of an application to the F. A. Z. Because of the font aims to be a violation of the Constitution is the Federal government and the Bundestag by a mere doing nothing. Usually, there are complaints against the acts, and most laws – however, many a blow was because the line already produced. Factually, the plaintiffs to climate protection objectives by 2020 and the Kyoto Protocol.

Blunt strategy

Recently, Greenpeace and three families submitted a brief to the administrative court of Berlin – also you complain to the compliance of climate protection targets and the European Right. Also, the action of the Peruvian peasants before the higher regional court of Hamm against RWE fits into this picture. Currently, an expert is working on it, the connection between Flooding and climate change the court to show – not an everyday task. The Netherlands were condemned to the greenhouse gas emissions by 2020 to 25 percent. The plaintiffs have on fundamental rights, who found imitators in Ireland, where a similar process of the “friends of the Irish environment” to be running against the government.

environmental organizations took advantage of the Public in the run-up to the climate conference in Katowice, estimates of the administrative law expert Christian Kirchberg. He expects attention for the procedures, but it also believes that they “will not succeed”. International conventions and EU directives would authorize associations to sue as a “Trustee of the environment protection”, so without that they are themselves affected, have also been procedural Changes, says Kirchberg, “in the past climate are not issues in the narrow sense, nor in a set of rules, the plaintiff may obtain”.

Behind the Trend is a blunt strategy: Kai Niebert, President of the German nature protection ring, holder of a chair at the University of Zurich, dreaming in a fictional retrospective from the 2020s: “environmental policy is now before the court,” he says in the quarterly newsletter of the Forum on environment and development. It is more likely to complain strategically, White & Case, new environmental lawsuits against the supposedly idle state is not: The eighties, the dying fear of the Forest, and so the Federal constitutional court had to derail even then, a lawsuit because of allegedly harmful to the environment, “inaction” of the Federal government.