Good news for Clem fans! TF1 announced this Wednesday, May 31 in a press release the start of filming of the family series worn by Lucie Lucas since 2010. One year after the broadcast of a twelfth season at half mast on the audience side (2.5 million followers on average, according to figures from Médiamétrie), the future of the soap opera was still up in the air.

This is something to reassure viewers who will soon be able to find the Boissier family in a new TV movie, the story of which was imagined by Caroline Franc and Gania Latroch. If no broadcast date has been communicated for the moment, the filming of this episode directed by Christophe Barraud should take place between Paris and its suburbs. Here is what the first elements of the plot reveal.

The reunion of the Boissier family is placed under the sign of a happy event for two characters. “Clem and Matthieu have decided to get married! Surrounded by his tribe, joined by Alyzée, his dearest childhood friend and supported in the organization by the inevitable Marie-France, Clem’s marriage can only be a success!” reads the summary.

But, this ceremony could also reserve a big surprise: the revelation of the last secret of Caroline Munoz, the mother of Clem (Victoria Abril) who died in a car accident at the end of season 8. “A secret that would summon the memory de Caro and would lead Clem and Matthieu to Canada. The revelations follow one another and in Cheynouville, nothing will ever be stronger than the family”, concludes the synopsis. A plot full of surprises, which will see the return of several outstanding heroes of the series on TF1.

For this new bonus from Clem, consisting of a double episode of 45 minutes each, we will find the main heroes: Lucie Lucas, Loup-Denis Elion (Matthieu), as well as Agustín Galiana (Adrian), Carole Richert (Marie-France ), Jean Dell (Michel), Thomas Chomel (Valentin) or even Elina Solomon (Emma) and Lily Nambininsoa (Izia).

This episode will also see the return of emblematic actors. Like Élodie Fontan (who left the series after season 9) and Philippe Lellouche (who retired at the end of season 8). Without forgetting Victoria Abril, back for this final part. With the heroine tragically perished in an accident, how will she return to the screen? The Spanish actress made some revelations…

Last March on Europe 1, Victoria Abril announced her return to the Clem series, despite the death of her character, which she received badly. “It pained me because they cut my head off, offscreen,” she said, adding, “The character disappears in a car accident, but you don’t see me. You don’t see me. didn’t give this last season or this last evening where the characters say goodbye. But wait, because it will work out five years later”.

For the famous actress, this return will be an opportunity to return to the last moments of Caro’s life before his departure. “The character is dead, dead, dead. But, precisely, between the time I left for Canada and the following season, my daughter had a coma for six years. So, we will find out what happened. happened before the accident”. While waiting to discover this episode in the coming months, a first extract from the reunion has been shared on social networks.

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