My home is My castle. And that is charged to spontaneously. What to do when a surprise visit has been announced and it looks like a pigsty? Or just as in a household in which lived, and a lot of away work?

Ursula Kals

editor in the business, responsible for “youth writes”.

F. A. Z.

Who’s going on strategically, priorities – toilet clean, window clean, no – that is ready in a short period of time. The first round is the clean up: loose items of clothing, magazines, small items collected and in the imaginary baskets and boxes. Such acquisitiveness is doing well. In the kitchen, dirty dishes in the machine rooms or at least in a plastic tub stack, if necessary, a clean dish towel, put it, this is not a Hygiene-GAU for eternity. Dirty dishes temporarily in the oven quartered, as the cramped living are wont to do, the end of friends, but plenty of weird. But lack of space makes a stop inventive. Depending on the size of the apartment making the bed and a bedspread in wide.

it is Important a free table. In many households, it serves to hold as an office bin. This is uninviting, when paperwork piles up, the sight of pending authorities belongings is in a good mood anyway. Coarse screening and temporarily put them away.

sofa cover folds and stacks

check the bathroom, the action of the sponge it is self-evident. Once, better twice with the rag across the sink and the toilet control. Fresh towels set out, and cornea banish rasp and cracked heels ointment in the Cabinet, where you can listen to use anyway. Ventilate thoroughly. Ran out of incense, candle lighting, and after a few minutes, blow out, distributes and covers bad odors.


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sofa cover know fold and stack. Pillow fluff, to arrange groups. Granny, better Granny, parade kink no longer expected to occur, on the contrary, the arranged folds are for Fifties-bourgeois, and to ensure that only accurate place.

turned The final round through the room with the vacuum cleaner. On to the wool mice-catching. First, open shelves and window sills are due. This includes the nozzle, the time bridged wipe to thoroughly dust. After that, the floor vacuum or, at the latest, the suction robot loss chicken.

What not stunted dwellings and also public buildings, and be otherwise so modern – uselig power are just dirt edges in the sink, but in front of gammelnde plants, drowned, dried up, in the shadows. Significant that currently, robust succulents are powerful in fashion, the forgive care emergencies. Nevertheless, brown leaves, unsightly Yellowing, müffelndes moderate water out of vases, no feel-good atmosphere, but misgivings about decay. So a critical look at the Green throw. To dispose of instead of wilting bouquets complete, the well-preserved roses or chrysanthemums fresh cut and as a single piece and arrange. Who still packs a fairly green branch, or ivy, has yet to catch days of this view. Great is in the bathroom, which gives each wet cell a tiny touch of the Hotel.