A hidden girl who comes out of the shadows. In 2018, in the documentary Claude François, the last pharaoh, a certain Julie Bocquet revealed her face in broad daylight for the first time. Who is this Belgian, who has become a criminologist-psychotherapist?

Julie Bocquet, who was born on May 15, 1977, is the daughter of Claude François and a young girl named Fabienne. While she was a minor, her mother became pregnant by the artist. Distraught, she decides to put her child up for adoption. This is how, at the age of 2 months, Julie was adopted by the Bocquet family. It was at the age of 8 that Julie Bocquet learned the truth about her origins.

“The revelation took place one evening, after dinner (…) The unanswered questions imposed themselves in such a tumult that I suddenly had the courage to question my parents (…) According to them, my mother was very young, thoughtless, almost “fragile”. My father was famous, adored by women. All this did not look like a love story”, she wrote in her book, Look in the mirror, released in 2018 published by Lucpire.

After a few years, Julie Bocquet found her biological mother. The next step seems to be self-evident: doing a DNA test to put an end to her doubts about the identity of her biological father.

It was not until 2011 that Julie Bocquet, who in turn became a mother, finally learned the truth about her origins. While the film Cloclo is in preparation, she learns that there will be no mention of her birth, unlike the singer’s two other sons.

Neither one nor two, her biological mother and her relatives are doing everything possible to prove that she is indeed the daughter of Claude François.

A few months later, the results of the DNA test come out. “In November 2011, the first results came out, black on white, with a probability of 99.99%. I couldn’t deny it any longer: Cloclo, this French superstar, was really my father and…I didn’t have space in his aura“, can we read. Following this discovery, she will write several letters to her half-brothers who will however remain unanswered.

During her appearance on the show C à Vous in 2018, Julie Bocquet confided in the reasons that led her to come out of the shadows. “First I was the child of my adoptive parents and then I got to know my biological mother at 18 and she told me about my biological father. And then I had to do another way because I had a negative image of him,” she said and added, “But speaking with people who knew him, that image became more positive, so I got more want to reveal myself publicly. He can no longer recognize me but I can recognize him”.

An unusual family history that was not easy to manage, as she explained in the rest of her interview. “I had the impression, with the fans, to be rejected. In the film also, I was not mentioned so I really feel like I was rejected”.