Accomplished actress, Claire Keim is currently showing Aim for the heart, the new flagship fiction of TF1. In terms of her intimate life, the 47-year-old actress has shared her life with ex-footballer Bixente Lizarazu since 2006. An idyll she mentioned to our colleagues from TV Grandes Chaînes in 2011. “I knew immediately that it was him… I had no doubts, at any time, ever”, she had declared before adding that she did not wish to marry: “The concept is foreign to me. It is more nice to know that we are free to go and stay together”.

Regarding her desire to be a mother, the star was also not ready to take the step. “I had sworn that I would not have children. However, when my man arrived, the child was obvious,” she said. Two years after the start of their romantic relationship, Claire Keim became the mother for the first time of a little girl named Uhaina, meaning “wave” in Basque.

Aged 14 today, the young teenager makes her parents happy, as revealed by the actress on TV Grandes Chaînes, August 14, 2022. “I really try to do my best. My daughter is better than anything I could have imagined and she has qualities that neither her father nor I have (…) It’s just a miracle. I’m the mother of a little miracle! Explain. What about his notoriety? Uhaina Lizarazu doesn’t really care! “For her, TV is a dinosaur thing. The day I do a funny sketch on TikTok, maybe I will be successful with my daughter,” she said.

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