Civilization 7 Leaked on 2K Games Website

An announcement for Civilization 7 seems imminent after an image of the game was spotted on the official 2K Games website.

Spotted by users on ResetEra and Reddit, the banner for the unannounced strategy game sequel briefly appeared on the homepage of the 2K website and even linked to a currently non-existent trailer and a Steam page for wishlisting, before being taken down. The leak suggests an announcement at today’s Summer Game Fest on June 7. 2K has yet to comment on the situation.

In May, the Summer Game Fest announced that 2K Games would unveil the “next iteration of one of its biggest and most beloved franchises” during the event. Fans immediately speculated on the possibilities, with many wondering if BioShock 4 would finally be revealed after five years of waiting. Others suggested it could be Mafia 4 or Borderlands 4. It now appears likely that the teaser is related to Civilization 7.

Sid Meier’s Civilization 6 was developed by Firaxis Games and published by 2K on PC in 2016, before ports to Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and mobile were released.

Given the huge popularity of the game (Civ 6 remains in the top 20 most played games on Steam and the franchise has sold an impressive 71 million copies to date), a seventh entry in the long-running series was inevitable. In fact, in February of last year, Firaxis announced that they were working on the next Civ, although they did not refer to it as Civ 7 at the time.

That’s all we have to say for now, but more information will surely be revealed during the Summer Game Fest.

Wesley is a UK news writer for IGN.