City of Zurich – police is a large-scale operation of the guns, the road since about 1.30 PM court street in Zurich, it comes to the Weapons to the police, as a reader reported to reporters. A part of the road is cordoned off, the ambulance is on-site.chkGrosseinsatz to the Waffenplatzstrasse Zurich. (19. June 2020)reader report numerous police and rescue vehicles are in use.Reader report by armed police in combat gear stand in front of a house.Reader-Reporter1 / 3

with a large array of the Waffenplatzstrasse Zurich in use. According to the reader-reporters, the first police appeared vehicles at 1.30 PM. Then a storm command had advanced in full equipment, with a rescue vehicle protection & rescue. A part of the guns, the road had been cordoned off.

There are a minimum of a suburb nine emergency vehicles. The police have rang the bell and the door hammered. “Don’t talk with us, it will be easier”, should have called the officials, according to the reader-reporters.

The city of Zurich police Department confirmed on request for use with multiple units. What it’s about, didn’t want to give, however, yet known.