CIT: in the Afghan province of Ghazni crashed U.S. air force plane

the Plane, a victim of today’s accident in Afghanistan, was a mobile node and a repeater, the U.S. air force, earlier it was reported that the plane was civilian. On the military designation of the aircraft Bombardier announced investigative group Conflict Intelligence Team (CIT).

Earlier it was reported that the radical group the Taliban (banned in Russia as a terrorist) has announced the crash of the U.S. air force in the Afghan province Ghazni.

While it is not clear, did the Taliban responsibility for the loss of the aircraft. In a statement to Reuters, Taliban spokesman stated that he was shot down. Other agencies cite his words as proof that the plane crashed.

In command of U.S. forces in Afghanistan have not yet confirmed that crashed on Monday the plane was American. According to the representative of the command, it examines the message about the crash.

In social networks appeared a photo and video allegedly of the wreckage. It shows the wreckage of the Bombardier E-11A bearing the insignia of the U.S. air force.

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