Mechelen –

the Race, Busch took over this week as a farewell to the Dossin Barracks, but would be a normal four-month stay. That does not take place, he should be gone immediately, it was decided that the board of directors.

as for Busch, the week is an explanation of the reasons for his departure: “The important thing is that my room for manoeuvre was constrained in a way that was not clean to the touch. I do have limits, and there has been a couple of times over. At a certain point you have to be a irreversible decision, so that the market would continue to be degraded. Then you have to complete, and finding something to do.”

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He had written a letter to the board of directors, in which he explains why he will not be able to continue. The intention, however, was that he was in the next few months, in a period of transition, it would continue to work.

now, However, the staff has expressed this displeasure. Last night was a special works council, in which it was decided that Busch was instantly and had to leave. The deputy executive director, Veerle Vanden Daelen, will Busch, and immediately follow up with full power.

in 2012 he worked for Busch for the Kazerne Dossin, first as ceo, since 2016, and as chairman and ceo.