Appointed minister of the Interior, Christophe Castaner suffer the wrath of the right identity and conservative. The first banderillas were planted by the chairman of the group Republicans in the Senate, and the former coordinator of the campaign of François Fillon to 2017, Bruno Retailleau, who accused the new minister of being ” communitarian “. The spokesman of the Republicans Lydia Guirous has followed suit. The former national secretary in charge of the values of the Republic and of secularism to the UMP, was raised “for the defence of secularism’, and has pointed out its close ideological with Macron, ” which defends a vision of communitarian anglo-saxon “.

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Hoping to understand the doctrine of the new minister of Cults, we’ve combed through the statements of Christophe Castaner on islam. Monday, 16 April 2018, when asked to react on RTL for the statements of Emmanuel Macron, who had to explain that the veil was ” not consistent with the civility in our country, that is to say in the report that there are between men and women “, Christophe Castaner had then delivered a bell sound dissonant on the subject : “a few years ago, when, in France, including our moms wore a veil, wore the veil, catholic, it was not the question. “It is not so much its distance with Emmanuel Macron, or its lack of rigour (in the 1950s and 1960s, only the nuns were still the hair) that had heated debates, but the relativism displayed by the spokesman of the government.

It was not his first dodge on the question. On RMC on 23 November 2017, he wished to clarify that” in the name of islam, some of the behaviors assassins, but, obviously, it has nothing to do with what is the religion of islam which is a religion of happiness, of love, as the catholic religion “. Other words could annoy the defenders of secularism as the defenders of an anchor of identity in catholic France. As this June 5, 2017 on Europe 1, where he says : “let us Stop talking of islamic State, they betray the religion they pretend to serve. They are just murderers “, he released in the aftermath of the attacks in London.

More strange, his tweet of July 9, 2017, explaining that the global warming weighed “in the dynamics of the jihad.” … This sudden release had loose the wrath of the fachosphère…

“It was good that we found something…”

So, what to think, really, Christophe Castaner ? In spite of statements sometimes original, it seems rushed him to paste a label of liberal or communitarian. He also beliefs that the trenches on the subject ? “This issue never seems to have a lot of work until then, and I’m not sure that it has a thinking about secularism,” says Amine El Khatmi, co-founder of the Spring republican and deputy mayor of Avignon (the city in which the former boss of running ! was deputy to the general director of services), continues : “As minister of Cults, Christophe Castaner will have to express. I hope a clarification. We already know what thinks Jean-Michel Blanquer. We already know what think Aurélien Stained. We still don’t know what to think of Christophe Castaner. “

would There be a bit of political calculation on the part of those who denounce the “communitarian,” the new minister of the Interior ? A part LR, prompted by The Point-to-respond to about Bruno Retailleau, accepts a certain degree of bad faith : “It was good that we found something… there was still not enough to tell that this was a reshuffle for nothing” ! Even Marine Le Pen did not dare, preferring to emphasize his lack of skill…

anyway, the new Interior minister will have the difficult task of carrying out the redesign of the islam of France. On this point, the appointment of the secretary of State Laurent Nuñez is rather good news for those who wish, as expressed by the president of the Republic, ending with the” islam consular “, that is to say, the influence of foreign powers. Things have not progressed significantly under the responsibility of Gérard Collomb, on the contrary. The great speech of Macron on islam, scheduled for the beginning of 2018, has been postponed to the fall, and several government sources accuse the former minister to have dragged feet on the issue, forcing Macron to call in outside advisors such as Hakim El Karoui, author of a thick report on islamism in which he advocated, for example, the introduction of a ” tax halal “, the strengthening of the learning of Arabic at the school, or the increased fight against the discourse of salafism on the social networks.

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The new duo of the Interior will he evidence of greater willingness on the issue ? “Castaner will do what we tell them. And Laurent Nuñez is convinced that it must be a process of movement in islam, if one wants to act effectively on the long term in the face of terrorism. It is a true secular, ” deciphers a good connoisseur of the two men and of Beauvau.

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