Christophe Alévêque: who is his companion, an ex-reality TV star 15 years his junior?


Christophe Alévêque had become more and more decree in recent years. The 59-year-old comedian gave an interview to Jordan de Luxe on his show Chez Jordan. During his visit, the artist had discussed his career and in particular the role he could have played in the Doc Martin series on TF1 in place of Thierry Lhermitte.

“I don’t know if Thierry Lhermitte knows it, but at the start, I had to play the role of Doc Martin. It was TF1 that produced the show. I tell the director and the executive producer… They absolutely wanted this either me. I tell them ‘TF1 all the same, I’ve tackled them for years’, I tell myself that it won’t pass (…) It was very advanced until the moment I received a phone call telling me : ‘We had the press officer of TF1 who put his veto'”, he declared.

During his interview, the French artist had also mentioned the one who has shared his life for several years. After having two children, born from a previous union, he found love in the arms of a certain Serena Reinaldi, 15 years his junior. The latter had become known following her participation in the reality show Nice People in 2003. “She landed in Italy, she barely spoke French (….) She did not understand at all where she set foot. It’s reality TV so we are classified in the neuneus, the four neurons”, he explained. Since her participation, she “has done theater, workshops. What she really likes is going to prisons, doing internships in the suburbs (…) It’s her thing”.

Afterwards, Christophe Alévêque spoke about their love story, saying that they had “strong characters”: “Sometimes I even said to myself: ‘I’m in an Italian film’ because it was really the Italian who gets angry, who takes the plates. It comes, it leaves the same way”. Planet invites you to discover his companion in our slideshow.