Fantasy, conviviality and decorations. The end of year celebrations, especially Christmas, are often an opportunity for family reunions and a touch of magic in a sometimes complicated daily life. While traditional meals and gifts are often prepared in advance, making the Christmas tree remains a moment of sharing, which deserves to be sustained over time. If you like the presence of a Christmas tree and want to make it last longer, here are some tips to apply.

The pretty decoration of a Christmas tree brings a little magic to an interior and it is normal to want to keep it as long as possible. Several tips are possible to be able to make it last and enjoy it for a few additional days or weeks. So, first of all, be careful when choosing the Christmas tree. To check its freshness, you can pinch a branch of the fir tree so that you can pull it sharply towards you. If the tree is freshly cut, a maximum of five or six needles should come off. Otherwise, this tree will not be able to be kept long enough in your home.

A fir tree fears the heat. Therefore, it is better to avoid installing it too early in your home in order to hope to keep it longer. Before disposing of it, it is recommended to store it in a cool place, whether in a cellar, garage or outside, when possible. Avoid installing it too close to a heat source so that it does not lose its needles quickly. A day after bringing it into your living room, you can start decorating it. When you feel that it is starting to dry out, you can also moisten it by placing wet stones at its foot or by spraying water every two or three days on its trunk.