A Christmas that will not have the same flavor as the others. After end-of-year celebrations spoiled by the Covid in 2020, those of 2022 will be overshadowed by inflation and the consequences it has directly on the wallet and the morale of the French. According to an Ifop survey for Voyage Way*, 51% of French people are stressed by “the financial burden of Christmas gifts”, which is due in a month. This is four points more than last year and 12 points more than in 2020.

As a result, only 82% of those surveyed plan to give gifts this year, a drop of 8 points compared to 2021. In detail, 78% of French people intend to give gifts to one or more members. of their family, a decrease of 8 points compared to last year. 57% (-9 points) of respondents will offer something to their partner, 37% (-6 points) will spoil one or more friends and, finally, 13% (-3 points) of French people will offer a gift to one or more of their colleagues.

Faced with rising prices, the French have decided to lower their gift budget, since it will amount to an average of 386 euros, compared to 408 euros last year. They will also fit:

If gifts are an important part of Christmas, other elements come into play, such as the holiday meal, but also the decoration of the tree and the house. On this last point, as on the first, the French have developed new tricks. This is particularly the case of Marie and Corentin, who have agreed to reveal their tricks to Planet for the end of the year celebrations.

* Ifop study for Voyage Way carried out by self-administered online questionnaire from November 18 to 21, 2022 with a sample of 1006 people, representative of the population aged 18 and over residing in metropolitan France