Christmas meal: 15 games without equipment for family fun


Christmas parties are normally synonymous with reunions, joy and good humor! It’s wrong. Or at least not entirely true. Many are anxious as the holidays approach, as evidenced by an IFOP survey on “marital and family tensions linked to preparations and the Christmas party”, as reported by Le Quotidien.

Nearly 66% of respondents admit to refraining from expressing their thoughts during Christmas meals so as not to trigger an avalanche of conflicting remarks. Angry subjects are to be avoided at all costs during this type of event, during which nostalgia and the need – unhealthy for some – to be happy and in harmony crystallize tensions.

As Cosmopolitan reports, the most problematic topics are: compromising anecdotes or events from the past, political differences, the education of children or the life choices of adult family children. However, being in a state of constant vigilance as to the conversations we are having can spoil the joy of reunions and the spontaneity of the conversations…

The best thing is still to keep your guests occupied as much as possible: indeed, a busy mind will be less likely to look for the little beast… Children can also be a source of stress and significant mental load for parents. Excited by the magic of Christmas, they will tend to go from laughter to tears in a few moments.

In order to occupy the minds and have a good time, here are 15 ideas for table games to do between courses to relax the atmosphere!