on the eve of Christmas when so many suddenly, the hustle and bustle and nervousness wide. Because still, not only many gifts, but only the good ideas. Not a few do not engage in such cases, but then quickly to vouchers or simply cash to search even longer. However, it is believed appropriate surveys, and then the recipient can enjoy entirely on such gifts, because you can pick and choose later, even something Beautiful, and perhaps the otherwise rather unloved gifts, unused, in a corner of the land.

Kerstin Papon

editor in the economy.

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The least amount of money gifts will be for Christmas so lush, but a representative survey of the Postbank, has given, on average, every fifth German ever an amount of more than 1000 Euro. Especially the respondents at the age of 60 years were, in this respect, particularly generous, it was here, however, 39 percent. A good 20 percent of this gift have already been more than 10,000 Euro and 7 percent of at least 20,000 Euro transfer.

frequently these kinds of is done for tax reasons, if an early gift replaced at a later Inheritance. In addition, you can enjoy during a lifetime, yet even in the joy of the recipient. The tax applies to: Everything, what is going to given away within a period of ten years, or inherited, should be taxed to a certain limit, says Isabell Gusinde, an expert of the Postbank. After ten years, the personal could be exploited to the full amounts in the case of a gift again.

These tax free amounts are significantly different. For marriage and life partner is a personal applies free amount of 500.000 Euro, for children from 400,000 euros, and for grandchildren of 200,000 euros, says Gusinde. For everyone else it will be 20,000 Euro. These are, for example, own parents, the grandparents or the siblings. Not as a gift, the tax office values “the usual” occasion gifts for various occasions such as wedding, birthday, anniversaries or even Christmas. This does not apply, however, only if the gifts blew up the usual framework. For the term “usual” played by the financial circumstances of the donor and the nature of the relationship no matter. Scale is instead the amount that is in the vast circles of the population the usual. And only when this amount will be significantly exceeded, whether it is tax relevant.