Christmas gifts: 6 steps to get them reimbursed


Christmas is often the occasion to give and receive beautiful gifts. Thinking about someone when buying them or making them a present is one of many tokens of love, but some people go about it in a somewhat clumsy way. Not everyone can shine with empathy and inventiveness when it comes to gifts for others.

Added to this is the question of the budget: there is no point in having an incredible gift idea for someone if you cannot afford to give it to them. In that case, depending on how you relate to the person you want to spoil, pitching your brilliant idea to multiple people for the purpose of making a joint gift can save you the day…and the wallet!

Before, being reimbursed for Christmas presents was very frowned upon. No one is stopping you from performing in secret, but it is now a widespread and accepted practice. One of the least morally reprehensible ways to remedy the fact that you don’t like a gift is to say it, nicely but frankly. The person who gave it to you can either provide you with the ticket so that you can buy yourself a replacement gift, or find something else for you.

Another way to do it without too much hassle is to give this gift to someone else! You save money, and you will make someone happier than you, someone who will fully appreciate and genuinely use the item you didn’t want. If you don’t have money worries, donating your missed gift to an association is also an alternative to consider if you are unable to get it reimbursed. Finally, you always have the option of reselling it, on the internet or in a flea market!

Discover below the 6 elements to take into account if you want to be reimbursed, according to Que-choisir.