Christmas drinks: laboratory checks of mulled wine and children’s punch


mulled wine, fruit mulled wine and children’s punch can drink Christmas market visitors this year, largely without hesitation. The state laboratory reviewed the stands, according to Friday’s 120 samples of sales and packs. Mostly they were properly, it said. It was examined, therefore, the content of harmful substances, which can form as a result of prolonged Heating or by incorrect storage of wine grapes. Only three of mulled wine samples and three of the children’s punch would have had to be objected to, therefore, it was said.

“In the pre-packaged drinks we have checked the marking of the goods. In this context, a sample of children punch due to the lack of address of the responsible food business operator, as well as a fruit mulled wine sample because of an incorrect designation of the life on fell through, said the head of the Department of food of the country, laboratories, Monika Blum.

The investigations were not completed yet, nevertheless, it is already clear that “the Hessen mulled wine and kids could punch enjoy without hesitation”.