Should we expect a frugal Christmas? Between the increase in food prices and that of energy, the budget of the French seems particularly limited for gifts on December 25. Last year, the fear focused on the supply of children’s toys because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

If the virus is still present, it is not this one that most threatens the arrival of Santa Claus. France is still under the yoke of substantial inflation which could well force French households to have lighter holidays for the wallet… Both in terms of the plate and surprises under the tree.

According to data collected by INSEE on Friday September 30, inflation reached 5.6% over one year. This is 0.3% less compared to last month. This decline, explains the study, is materialized by the “slowing down” of the rise in energy prices.

However, the prices of manufactured goods and food continue to climb, says FranceInfo.

Some popular foodstuffs during the winter season and during the holidays may see their cost increase.

Like foie gras, acclaimed as the end of the year approaches, which will become rarer on the markets. The reason for this disappearance? The avian flu which raged this summer… Consequence: this dish will be more expensive because in limited quantity, explains the director of the interprofession (Cifog), Marie-Pierre Pé, in an interview with AFP transcribed by Le Télégramme.

This product isn’t the only thing that will cost you dearly at Christmas this year…

The price increase will be reflected at the end of the year when it comes to giving gifts. “Everything will cost more, warned the president of the strategic committee of the E.Leclerc centers, Michel-Edouard Leclerc to BFMTV. It will cost more to offer toys to his children”.

The reason why toys will be less affordable? Few games for children are produced in France. The price is then correlated to the increase in the cost of transporting them.

However, for the entrepreneur, it is up to the merchant to make an effort for this period…

The president of the strategic committee of the E.Leclerc brands explained that in order to ensure the French a reasonable price “that there are heaps of products where our margins will not be taken”. Taking for example, chocolate or confectionery. Because according to him, “it is the role of the merchant. We don’t have to pass everything on.” The purpose of the maneuver: to retain customers after the fact in January.

In addition, a product may be particularly difficult to find. Planet explains in this article why gift wrap may also be missing…