Callbacks are very common these days. Some like those of Kinder or Buitoni had been particularly noisy lately. It is therefore better to keep an eye on these procedures which can sometimes avoid significant health risks for consumers.

Today, a chocolate bar from the Carrefour Sélection brand is being recalled. Unlike the Kinder case, which had caused a lot of talk, there is no question of salmonella here. This time, it is a packaging error that is the problem.

Indeed, dark chocolate mango Sichuan pepper bars were wrapped in a 72% cocoa dark chocolate case. Customers who have purchased it therefore end up with a different product from the one they wanted.

The main problem with this error is that the product sold contains allergens that are not indicated. This therefore presents a significant risk for allergy sufferers.

The products concerned are 80g dark chocolate bars with 72% cocoa under the Carrefour Sélection brand. The date of minimum durability is 02/28/2023 and the batch is L2035A.

This product was marketed between 02/15/2022 and 06/02/2022 in the various stores of the Carrefour group across France. Are thus concerned:

If you are in possession of one of these products, it is therefore possible to return it to the store where you purchased it in order to obtain a refund.