An image as the land of milk and honey: About a ton of chocolate ran in the Westphalian town of Werl as a viscous brown stream on the road. The mass was poured out of a building of a chocolate manufacturer. Is suspected to be a technical Defect.

With shovels, warm water, and a roof deck burners were firefighters working to eliminate the sweetness of danger for the road traffic. “We recorded the Whole thing with a Shovel”, – marked the head of the volunteer fire Department, Karsten Korte on Tuesday, the action on the eve.

The application took hours and that was no picnic: to get to the precious mass, even from the pores of the road surface, the forces to the warm water and the roof deck burners.

the danger was averted, that it might be in the area, ultimately, but still “slippery”. About two and a half hours of 25 members of the volunteer fire Department. The sweet mass came in containers for disposal. “Nibble, we don’t have,” said Korte.